Saturday, October 18, 2014

A simple step by step blog where you will learn how to accumulate bitcoins and dogecoins.  All those who joined under my link contact me to change those to Rupees or Dollars at an attractive rate.

I will also send some bonus coins to your wallets.

Step - 1

Signup here....


Click on Account -->Balances menu

Click on Bitcoin (BTC) --> Deposit.

Copy and Save the long wallet address that you find above to deposit bitcoins.

Do the same with Dogecoin (DOGE)

Step - 2

Join here...


Feed the bitcoin wallet address that you saved.

Create password

Your email address

Your referrer - 338608

Feed captcha and signup.

Earn bitcoins every hour just feeding captchas once you accumulate 5500 satoshi i.e. 0.00005500 btc  it will be transferred to your bitcoin address at bter account.

Step - 3

Join here...


Do the same above but here feed Dogecoin wallet address.

Step - 4

Click on Home at bter site.

Click on BTC Markets -->  Doge/BTC

Now buy low Dogecoins here and sell high Dogecoins and make good profits daily.  No great skill needed.

Step -5

Earn more joining all these free programs.








There are other bitcoins and dogecoins free faucets available but don't go for those since they pay very less Bitcoins and dogecoins.

Don't waste time outside of these sites listed 
unless you have lots of free times or rather having boring time.

Contact me to change all coins to Rupees.